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Azusa StreetRiders is proud to announce the addition of “A Culture of Caring” in all future issues of RUMBLINGS.  This prayer corner will be updated monthly with prayer requests and praise reports submitted by ASR members. We ask that all ASR members send prayer requests to their Regional Chaplain and the Regional Chaplain will submit reports to Chaplain Carman Hamby by the 25th of each month for submission in the next issue of RUMBLINGS. This way everyone will be informed and praying.

I should clarify that this is not replacing emergencies on Facebook, texts or calls.  It is a follow up to show we care and are obeying 1 Samuel 12:23.  As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by failing to pray for you.  And I will teach you the way that is good and right.   Chaplain Carman’s email is:  Carmanhamby@yahoo.com

The name of our prayer corner was taken from the title of the book, “Cultivating a Culture of Caring,” by the ASR International Chaplain, Rev. Mark A. Hardin. We would like to thank Chaplain Hardin for allowing us to use this title as it so accurately conveys the prayer corner purpose. It is well worth reading and would make an excellent gift this season and is available on Amazon. Chaplain Hardin believes in cultivating a culture of caring within the confines of our local congregation, or structure of influences, so that we continue to love our neighbor as ourselves.

By having the prayer corner, we meet two important needs; 1) each member knows we are here for them and are praying when difficult circumstances arise. 2) each one is well informed of the needs of individual members.

We all face difficult circumstances.  It is important to contact your Regional Chaplain when needs occur along with any updates and they will in turn pass on to Chaplain Carman Hamby so she can add the request to RUMBLINGS. This will create spiritual unity when we are all praying fervently about each others needs.

If we do not use the Holy Spirit that God has placed in our hearts and hands to give increase to the Kingdom by lifting up brethren and our neighbors, we have missed the focal point of God’s divine purpose of distributing or dispersing Himself to mankind. We are to build and restore relationships not walk through this world alone. We are to encourage and share with each other, in the good times and bad. We are to minister to those who oppose us or themselves. Isn’t that what Christ did?

Excerpt from Cultivating A Culture of Caring: Jesus explained to Peter that Satan wished to sift him as wheat…one translation says “riddle”… in other words, grind you up like flour. He went on, but, I pray your faith, fail not and when converted, strengthen the brethren. Converted is also interpreted restored or redeemed. Jesus warned Peter, when you go through the crushing blows of the enemy, don’t loose heart for when you are tried like gold you will come back restored… and when you do, strengthen those who are now going through their personal “hell”.

We want to continually lift up prayers for all ASR members and their families. In addition we have some specific request this month. Please forgive me in advance if I have failed to add someone. 

Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy – AIMers to Costa Rica

Home Mission
Rev. Mike Markham – Turning Point Fellowship
Rev. Johnny Carr – Apostolic Church of Tatum


Robert Thompson – healing of eye issue
Tom Thompson – seizures – heart issues
Lydia Diaz – is currently being treated with chemo
Delbert Hayes – has started chemo for leukemia
Anthony Storey –  recovering from motorcycle accident
Kaila Markham Miller – daughter of Rev. and Chalain Krysta Markham, will be having surgery December 6th  on right side of brain, the second possibly Dec 12th  on the left side of brain
Sophia – Theodore’s granddaughter surgery for crushed her ankle
Scott Culver – bone marrow issue
Rev. Marcos Prieto varicoelectomy – vein stripping in both legs
Rev. Johnny Carr – Vertigo and headaches
Carla – Jon and Serrena Weber’s niece – paralysis from brain tumor surgery

Family members passed 2019
Doug Solomon –  father
Joe Endicott –  mother
Lisa Endicott –  mother
Chaplain Krysta Markham –  father
Rev. Anthony Storey –  father

Thank You for Your Prayers and Have a Christ Filled Christmas!
Diane Beall
International Ladies Chaplain


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Diane Beall is the founding First Lady of the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry. She resides with her husband, Fred Beall, the founder and first president of ASR, in Myrtle Beach, SC. Diane is the ASR National Ladies Chaplain.

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