Is it spring yet?

With the signs of fall all around and winter quickly approaching I am reminded that, with the exceptions of a few blessed souls living in the southern states, our riding is limited to a few days between now and spring.  I am also reminded that, even during the winter months, the Azusa StreetRiders is a ministry.  The motorcycle is simply a tool that is utilized in our ministry.  Even though we must endure the winter months with limited riding, our ministry can and must still flourish.  Here are just a few quick ideas to help retain our focus until spring.

Connect / follow up with contacts, acquaintances, and friends made during this past riding season.  Use the winter months to build a friendship and relationship with those that you have been able to meet over the last few months.  This is also the perfect time to teach Bible studies to these individuals.  Prepare them for continued fellowship throughout the upcoming riding season.  Remember that even as we use our motorcycles as the tool to connect with people, God desires to use US as the tool to lead them to Him!!

This is also a time that we can prepare our chapters for continued outreach during the next riding season.  This can be a time to brainstorm ways to improve and build upon the current ideas that were utilized during this past year.  It can also be a time of preparation to implement new ideas and strategies that will spur new growth and relationships this upcoming year.

Above all, we must remember that our walk with God supersedes our ministry.  It is of upmost importance that we remember that it is all about Him.  As we grow our relationship with Him, our personal ministry will be a byproduct of our love for Him.  We must allow Him to prepare us for our ministry by spending time with Him and becoming like Him.  Although this must be our primary focus year round, the winter months are a great time to spend a little “extra” time with Him while we don’t have the distractions of summer.

Although we may have to put the kickstands down for a few days, we can ill afford to allow this to be a time of dormancy for the ASR.  The ministry must continue strong through the winter months.  I encourage you to not limit your ministry within the ASR to the time that you are on your bike or to a specific season of the year.  There is still work to be done.  “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”

Michael Luttrell
Azusa StreetRiders International

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Bro. Michael Luttrell serves as Secretary for Azusa StreetRiders International. Bro. Michael was introduced to the Azusa StreetRiders and became a member in 2009. He served in various capacities with his local chapter including secretary, president, and vice president prior to being elected to serve as secretary on the international board. Bro Michael is from Eminence, Kentucky.

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