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Sitting Idly by waiting for the light to change may be revving up your risk.
Back in the days riders simply were not being struck from behind like they are today. We live in the era of Total distracting driving. The cell phone the texting. Now being hit from behind by a distracted driver is a growing concern for motorcyclist… and a compelling reason to find ways to avoid being a sitting target.
Today drivers are not recognizing traffic slowing ahead of them until it’s too late. Bad new when it’s you that’s next in line ahead. In addition to increasing your sight to the other driver behind you is having Hi -Viz clothing or Helmet. Brake light flashers. Or my number one tip while stopped. I always keep my foot on the rear brake pedal. Having that bright red on the entire time while stopped is key.
Tip when coming up to a traffic light or stop sign ahead. Slow gradually, When you anticipate a changing traffic light or see a stop sign ahead, take your time getting there. Slow gradually instead of carrying speed to the intersection, You’ll have a better chance of getting that distracted driver to slow down with you rather than relying on them to suddenly react to you. That way you will also spend less time actually stopped and vulnerable.Once you do come to a standstill, maintain a “tactical ready” position, keeping the bike in gear, you should be in 1st gear, your hands on the controls and an eye always on your mirror. Also avoid stopping at the rear bumper of the car ahead of you. Instead, leave a space cushion that allows you to have a distinct escape if necessary.
As that old saying goes, “Don’t just sit there,Do something!”
Be aware of the Idle threat of sitting in traffic, be ready with a plan and be poised to take action should the driver behind fail to slow.
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain


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Michael Theodore

Michael Theodore

ASR Ohio District Coordinator and National Road Captain at Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry
Michael Theodore is married to Laureen, and both are devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Michael serves the Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry as both National Road Captain and as Ohio District Coordinator. He is passionate not only about riding, but also using motorcycles as a witnessing tool to affect souls for the Lord Jesus.
Michael Theodore

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