Guess what? It’s finally here.

You guessed it. Riding season it’s finally here. While working last night I could not stop thinking about how excited I am about riding season finally being here. What does this mean? It means lots of opportunities for all of us that ride. I’m talking about opportunities to tell people about Jesus. I hear people saying that they find it hard to talk to people about Jesus. It really is simple. Here are a few ideas to get us started for the year.

Always wear your back patch. I have a simple rule that I have set for myself. If I get on my bike I put on my back patch. Its that easy.
Here is the way that this works. If I’m wearing my back patch,people can see it. If I’m not they can’t. Make yourself visible.

Have a flyer for an upcoming ASR event or a ASR business card with you at all times. Something to help break the ice and open up a conversation. Starting a conversation is not hard. Here is how I usually start the conversation.

When I pull into a gas station and see a motorcycle I always start a conversation with that person. I do not walk up to them and start immediately pushing Jesus, church or religion on them, I simply say something like this:

What an awesome day for a ride. Or I love your bike, that is one sweet ride. I tell them my name and shake their hand and then never leave without giving them an invite of some kind. I usually just hand them a flyer or a business card and tell them I am part of Azusa streetRiders and we have a ride this weekend and that we would love to have them join us. If there is no ride coming up I simply hand them my card or info and say we have rides all the time if you ever want to join us give us a call.
I usually like to throw into the conversation that I belong to a biker friendly church and we would love to have them visit us sometime. You will be surprised how many will take you up on this offer.

It really is that simple. The last days are here. We cannot miss an opportunity.

Hope this helps. We have work to do this riding season and that time of year is finally here.

Jesus is coming back soon, so let’s get busy.

Rev. Jim Curley
National Vice President
Azusa StreetRiders

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Rev. Jim Curley holds a General License with the UPCI. He previously served as the National Vice President for The Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry. Brother Curley and his wife Liz have a very successful Jail Ministry at the Boyd County Jail in Catlettsburg Kentucky and as a result have baptized over 350 people in the Name of Jesus. Brother Curley has a strong passion for the Jewish roots of Christianity. He attended JRI (Jewish Roots Institute) in Kansas City. He is currently working on arrangements for his second study trip to Israel. Brother Curley was born in Topeka Kansas but now lives in the Ironton Ohio/Ashland Kentucky area.

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