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Greetings in Jesus name from the Clarksburg, WV chapter of Azusa StreetRiders. God has been moving and blessing tremendously in our church and chapter. I want to say thanks to all our ASR brothers and sisters for your wonderful efforts in moving this ministry forward in the vision of reaching souls! Here in Clarksburg, our ASR chapter has made a great effort in reaching souls and fundraising for Motorcycles for Missionaries. First consider our Sword Run, which is held annually on the second Saturday of each May. It is a ministry opportunity that comes in the form of a motorcycle run set up like a poker run. Instead of the participants gathering poker cards, at each stop they pick up a scripture card with a different point value on each one (and each is set in a different color). Each scripture card has a salvation scripture on it that leads to the Oneness, New Birth truth of repentance, water baptism in Jesus name, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Also, we try to have each of our stops along the way to be at parking lots of our local Oneness churches whenever possible. This event is full of fellowship, family fun, and meeting new people as well as old friends! Thanks to all our ASR members who sacrifice their time to come join us!

Our next outreach/fundraising opportunity is parking cars at local high school football games. We do this about 6 to 7 games per season, starting in late September or early October. Basically, we direct traffic and park cars for the athletic department, helping to keep order and give needed directions while people arrive to the game. We do this while wearing our back patches. Although the people are not there to see us, they still see the message of salvation on our backs!

Finally, when we can, we have been reaching out to the community by selling smoked BBQ dinners (each containing a half-chicken with mashed potatoes, green beans, and a roll) for $10 each. So far it has been a great blessing to this ministry and we have meet many wonderful people.

I must give credit to our local ASR members and their spouses: Pastor and Sister Joseph, Brother Mark and Sister Meredith McClain, Brother David and Sister Christina Ramsey, and especially Brother Mike and Sister Katrina Sutton, for their sacrifice of time and money for these ministry opportunities. All have helped, and the Suttons have gone above and beyond. All of these ministry opportunities and fundraising efforts have been born from their love of this ministry and their love of souls. Without them none of these opportunities would exist or have survived. They have given and sacrificed their time, money, and energy to make the Sword Run, game parking, and smoked chicken dinner sales to be successful! We extend a special thanks to Brother Mike and Sister Katrina Sutton.

We also recently awarded our very first support patch and vest to a very deserving brother in our church. This precious man has been at almost every single one of our fundraising and/or ministry opportunities. He has jumped right in, helping sacrificially every time. We recently sent in the paperwork and received his support patch. At the next service we presented Brother David Todd with this honor! Thank you, Lord, for helpers!

I’ve taken enough time, but remember, as we move forward in these last days, may God move in and through us and ASR to reach our lost and dying world. In JESUS name! Amen!

God Bless you,
Nathaniel A Benedum
Clarksburg,West Virginia Chapter ASR

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Rev. Jim Curley holds a General License with the UPCI. He previously served as the National Vice President for The Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry. Brother Curley and his wife Liz have a very successful Jail Ministry at the Boyd County Jail in Catlettsburg Kentucky and as a result have baptized over 350 people in the Name of Jesus. Brother Curley has a strong passion for the Jewish roots of Christianity. He attended JRI (Jewish Roots Institute) in Kansas City. He is currently working on arrangements for his second study trip to Israel. Brother Curley was born in Topeka Kansas but now lives in the Ironton Ohio/Ashland Kentucky area.

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