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I want to thank everyone who has already registered for the 2015 Rally. This will definitely make my job easier and allow us to be more prepared at the Rally. The online registration will end on July 1st– cost is $23.00 per person, (includes Rally pin, Saturday snack and lunch), if you have kids that will be attending the lunch it is $7.00 for Teens 12-17 and $5.00 for Children 6-11 .  If you haven’t already registered please do so because after July 1st the registration will be $30.00. I also want to remind you that your dues must be current in order to register.                                                                                                                    Click here to register for the Rally:

This brings me to our next topic. This has been an awesome year for ASR with all the new chapters and members being added but even more spectacular are the members who are renewing their membership. Your dues help us to maintain our supply of items that we use for outreach in the US and Canada as well as other areas.

We were able to supply new converts  with the items they needed to teach and preach the truth. This is what our ministry is about, winning lost souls. We want to continue helping others by giving them the tools they need to bring in the harvest! No one is alone in this ministry! We are a body fitly joined together…..  It goes with the theory: It takes one to (win) reach one to (win) reach one to (win) reach one and so on…….

So If you haven’t paid your dues yet please go online to:                

If you have any online problems or any questions please call me at : 609-742-6539

Thank you to all who support ASR through membership dues, donations to Motorcycles for Missionaries and to the advertising fund!


Lydia Diaz—ASR Treasurer



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Lydia Diaz and her husband, Extor Diaz, are ASR Ambassadors, traveling to many different meetings to represent the ministry, and she also operates the ministry's fundraising efforts through product sales. She served on the board for 7 years as the first ASR Treasurer. They live in Byron, GA.

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