Bind the Strong Man, March 6th and 7th 2020

We are already looking forward to the 2020 Bind the Strong Man event kicking off the riding season for the Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. Sis Juli Jasinski from WNOP (World Network of Prayer) will be leading our prayer and directing us on how to bring down strongholds, March 6 & 7, 2020 from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am

Sanctuary of Macon
1780 Tucker Rd
Macon, GA 31220

Please join us in a Daniel fast the day before and during Bind the Strongman.

There will be Prayer to bind and loose, to take over our cities, homes, churches and our lives.

Bring a map of your city and mark key areas (City Hall, Police Dept, courthouse, Schools, colleges, bridges, gateways, Masonic temples, tattoo parlors, palm readers, strip bars, etc)

This is a preview of what we will be addressing and praying:
Plowing before the harvest training
Strongholds of the enemy
Focused prayer
Prayer walk inside the church
Armor of God
Weapons of our warfare
7 Points of effective prayer walking
How to prayer walk and disengagement
Things to pray for your city
Strongholds of the city
How to do spiritual warfare praying
Directed prayer

This year’s hosts will be Bro & Sis Diaz
Central Georgia Chapter & Members of the
Sanctuary of Macon church.

Hotels in the area (March 6 – 8th)

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Macon-West
4970 Harrison Rd, Macon, GA 31206
(478) 803-0033

Comfort Inn & Suites West,
5000 Harrison Rd, Macon, GA 31206

Hampton Inn & Suites Macon I-475, 5010 Eisenhower Pkwy, Macon, GA 31206

East Texas Chapter

Like to take the time to welcome the new East Texas Chapter members
Thank you Clearance Erap Texas Coordinator for your hard work.
Welcome Johnny and Esther Carr, Mike And Vickie Powell, Jerald and Donna Varnell, and David Bethel.
Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for the East Texas Chapter in 2020.

The Work in Cuba Continues

“Come over and help us…”

It’s just one line. A single plea for help. “Come over and help us…” The divinely inspired words of the Macedonian man seen in a vision by the Apostle Paul.

We are blessed to have had many come over into Cuba to help us over the years. And, I thank God for the times we also have heard the call for help and stopped what we were doing to go help somewhere else.

Most recently, we’ve been involved in the mission field of Mexico with Bro. and Sis. Ismael Cañas. They’ve been working in the federal prison in Chihuahua as well as spreading the gospel in towns and villages in Southern Mexico. Many inmates, including ex-cartel members, have been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.

For several years they and Evangelist Thurman Covey Jr. have been going and making a difference. It is amazing what can be done when people will answer the simple call “Come over … and help us.”

We have had national superintendents of large church organizations come to minister in Cuba. We have had notable evangelists and conference speakers to come.

We have also had workers and other volunteers come to help us.

Sometimes, it was simply to bring donations. Other times, it was not to preach or sing at a conference, but to bring much needed funds to help meet immediate needs and propel the work to the next level. Thank God for all of them!

The Macedonian call is not a special invitation to preach and be in the spotlight. It is a plea for help.

Please continue to pray for us as we endeavor to help the work in Cuba and anywhere else the Lord will lead us.

Nathaniel Houseman
Missionary to Cuba

Growing A Chapter – Northern Indiana Style

As we all have experienced, growing a chapter is one of our greatest challenges! It’s never an easy task being a leader and having the right chemistry that not only draws others into the chapter, or even maintains its size, but having a group of individuals that enjoy getting together. The Northern Indiana Chapter has a group of riders that are a “hoot”! They love to ride and they love having fun!! It shows in how they are growing in number, and the way they all express themselves to each other. This chapter is made up of members from several churches…representing several Apostolic organizations…and they example the core ASR mentality that we can break down walls for the sake of winning souls.

I was honored to be invited to the first Annual Meeting for this chapter. Bro Tony Sell has been laboring to grow this group for a couple years and now he is seeing the fruits of his labor. Bro Sell has been working with me and has done an exemplary job of follow up with contacts that I would throw his way, and he, along with his wife, have tirelessly taken on the challenge of “selling” ASR to others in their region. Over the next few months, I (along with the ASR Board’s approval) will be handing over the Indiana Region to Bro Sell. I will be at his service, and want to publicly say that he will do a greater job than I as he grows into this next level of leadership!

The membership of the Northern Indiana Chapter, and their newly elected positions, are as follows; Tony Sell (Indiana Regional Coordinator), Pastor Mark Cotrill, Thomas Bailey, Elmer Miller, Terry Matheny (President), Jon Weber (VP/Road Captain), Serrena Weber (Sec/Treasurer), and Thomas Roberts. We tried to vote on a “Court Jester” but it seemed that they all received a 100% vote, so we had to appoint them all for that position! (Inside Joke)


If there is any take away that all chapters  can glean from, that would help us all grow in number, it would be comradery. Some of the members leave for months at a time, some have jobs that take them away for days and weeks, and some have been through tragedy. Through all of the busyness of life, they still make an attempt to get together each month for a time of fellowship. You feel the love for one another and a respect for their brothers and sisters, and a grand respect for God and the ministry of their local assemblies.

I wish to congratulate them all on a job well done, and I’m sure we all have not heard the last from this chapter!!

Illiana Regional Coordinator (outgoing)
International Chaplain
Mark A Hardin

A Directive, A Trial, A Question

Let’s start with a very familiar story in Scripture…

Mark 4:35-40, “And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships. And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?”

When someone else is going through the storm, its very easy for us to look on with passive judgement and use the person’s trial as an example of what “not to do”. But, when it is me (or you), then we are challenged with doubt, fear, anxieties, hopelessness, and all sorts of negative emotions. When the wind is easy breeze and smooth sailing with sleepy little waves, we tend to think we have great faith that can move mountains. But, when the winds of life begin to toss us like a little bobber, it is easy to question who and what we are.

The transition from powerful faith to tremendous doubt can happen in just a few seconds when confronted with a bad report. The emotional rollercoaster of life can be thrilling and at the same time exhausting! Let me assure you…its natural!

We see in the above Passage three things that we can draw from and apply to our situations going on right now. First, Jesus said “Let us pass over unto the other side”. It was a directive. More than ever before, we need to hear the voice of the Lord clearly for our own lives. Not just a word for someone else, but we need to know that the Lord has given me a directive. For if Jesus said it,, I believe it, and it is so! It’s a foundation to build on. Its a rock that anchors us when the winds of life start blowing. When God gives a direction to follow, then nothing can detour us or steal the vision from us. Direction is important to having faith when all else seems lost. His directive or command to go is the only thing we can hold on to at times.

Secondly, the storm! All the waves crashing in around us! The one thing we counted on to get us to where we were told to go is now full of the water it was suppose to protect us from. Church trouble. Church family lets us down. The list is endless of what can come against us, but the hardest thing is when the ship of Zion doesn’t seem to have enough sufficiency to keep us from the storm. We feel let down and eventually we find Jesus in the back of the boat (seemingly hid away) and asleep on a pillow. We then ask the question, “Lord, do you care?” The trial seems to be larger than life and instead of the Lord being at the bow of the boat barking out commands, we feel that our compass is spinning out of control, we can’t see the shore because of the tempest all around us, and the Lord is off sleeping somewhere. The trial is always real to the one going through it! No matter if its cancer or a hangnail, to that individual, its real.

Thirdly, Jesus asks the questions “why are you fearful” and “why is it that you have no faith”? I’ve felt the sting of those questions before! For someone that truly believes that God is able to do all things, but when I’m in that vulnerable moment in life when all hell has broke loose, the last thing I want to hear is the probing questions about my fears and lack of faith. Although it hurts, there are times we must hear those words. Faith is challenged when fear enters. The weights of fear either discourage us from exercising in faith, or it will exercise our faith to make it stronger (using a weight lifting analogy). If you are training to become a world Jiu-Jitsu Champion and you are still practicing with a green belt sparing partner, then your “faith” is not being challenged. But, when we step into a ring with the heavy weight champion one must have overcome fear with faith or learn how to dance…and fast! So, don’t shun the questions about fear and faith…embrace them and learn from them.

There are those within our ASR family that have been told that God wants to take them to places where they will do exploits in the Kingdom! Then…about the time they obey…BAM!…the tempest begins to blow and they are reeling from the repeated blows of wind and waves. Their boat seems like it is about to sink from all that they are trying to carry…and then, when they have hit their knees and finally found an audience with Jesus, He needles you with questions about fear and faith. You feel confused from it all…but, I feel led in the Holy Ghost to help you understand that when you get to the destination, there will be demoniacs there who need to be freed and this trial is preparing you to confront them. Don’t curse the directive, nor the trial, and nor the question about your faith. Just know the trial has made you stronger and that your purpose will be embraced. You are being prepared to face devils, and have the faith to know that if God could take me through the storm, He can certainly cause the enemy to flee before you.

May the Lord of Hosts be in your boat through every storm that life brings your way!

International Chaplain
Mark A Hardin

A Culture of Caring


Azusa StreetRiders is proud to announce the addition of “A Culture of Caring” in all future issues of RUMBLINGS.  This prayer corner will be updated monthly with prayer requests and praise reports submitted by ASR members. We ask that all ASR members send prayer requests to their Regional Chaplain and the Regional Chaplain will submit reports to Chaplain Carman Hamby by the 25th of each month for submission in the next issue of RUMBLINGS. This way everyone will be informed and praying.

I should clarify that this is not replacing emergencies on Facebook, texts or calls.  It is a follow up to show we care and are obeying 1 Samuel 12:23.  As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by failing to pray for you.  And I will teach you the way that is good and right.   Chaplain Carman’s email is:

The name of our prayer corner was taken from the title of the book, “Cultivating a Culture of Caring,” by the ASR International Chaplain, Rev. Mark A. Hardin. We would like to thank Chaplain Hardin for allowing us to use this title as it so accurately conveys the prayer corner purpose. It is well worth reading and would make an excellent gift this season and is available on Amazon. Chaplain Hardin believes in cultivating a culture of caring within the confines of our local congregation, or structure of influences, so that we continue to love our neighbor as ourselves.

By having the prayer corner, we meet two important needs; 1) each member knows we are here for them and are praying when difficult circumstances arise. 2) each one is well informed of the needs of individual members.

We all face difficult circumstances.  It is important to contact your Regional Chaplain when needs occur along with any updates and they will in turn pass on to Chaplain Carman Hamby so she can add the request to RUMBLINGS. This will create spiritual unity when we are all praying fervently about each others needs.

If we do not use the Holy Spirit that God has placed in our hearts and hands to give increase to the Kingdom by lifting up brethren and our neighbors, we have missed the focal point of God’s divine purpose of distributing or dispersing Himself to mankind. We are to build and restore relationships not walk through this world alone. We are to encourage and share with each other, in the good times and bad. We are to minister to those who oppose us or themselves. Isn’t that what Christ did?

Excerpt from Cultivating A Culture of Caring: Jesus explained to Peter that Satan wished to sift him as wheat…one translation says “riddle”… in other words, grind you up like flour. He went on, but, I pray your faith, fail not and when converted, strengthen the brethren. Converted is also interpreted restored or redeemed. Jesus warned Peter, when you go through the crushing blows of the enemy, don’t loose heart for when you are tried like gold you will come back restored… and when you do, strengthen those who are now going through their personal “hell”.

We want to continually lift up prayers for all ASR members and their families. In addition we have some specific request this month. Please forgive me in advance if I have failed to add someone. 

Rev. Mike McGhghy and Rev. Julie McGhghy – AIMers to Costa Rica

Home Mission
Rev. Mike Markham – Turning Point Fellowship
Rev. Johnny Carr – Apostolic Church of Tatum


Robert Thompson – healing of eye issue
Tom Thompson – seizures – heart issues
Lydia Diaz – is currently being treated with chemo
Delbert Hayes – has started chemo for leukemia
Anthony Storey –  recovering from motorcycle accident
Kaila Markham Miller – daughter of Rev. and Chalain Krysta Markham, will be having surgery December 6th  on right side of brain, the second possibly Dec 12th  on the left side of brain
Sophia – Theodore’s granddaughter surgery for crushed her ankle
Scott Culver – bone marrow issue
Rev. Marcos Prieto varicoelectomy – vein stripping in both legs
Rev. Johnny Carr – Vertigo and headaches
Carla – Jon and Serrena Weber’s niece – paralysis from brain tumor surgery

Family members passed 2019
Doug Solomon –  father
Joe Endicott –  mother
Lisa Endicott –  mother
Chaplain Krysta Markham –  father
Rev. Anthony Storey –  father

Thank You for Your Prayers and Have a Christ Filled Christmas!
Diane Beall
International Ladies Chaplain


Be A Billboard For Jesus

We are a representation of someone or something as we perform our everyday tasks in this world. I have no doubt that my brothers and sisters of ASR represent Jesus very well to this world as we go about our everyday lives, and for that I thank you. I for one, in the spirit of being transparent, have struggled with road rage at times. Once I joined ASR, and began wearing the Name of Jesus Christ on my backpatch, came a new level of responsibility and self awareness of my actions while representing ASR and Jesus Christ. It has helped me to overcome that issue in my life. I take the opportunity as much as possible to wear my ASR shirts even when I am not on the bike, so I can have that door opening wherever I may be. One such occurrence happened recently, not to me, but to my sister and brother in law. They had traveled to Washington DC on business for my sister’s job, and had went downtown to sightsee. They both purchased support shirts at the 2019 National Rally, and were wearing them on that trip. While they were traveling on the subway, a Vietnam veteran noticed their shirts, came over and struck up a conversation with them. The name Azusa had grabbed his attention, and he explained to them how he had attended school in Azusa, California. He loved the motorcycle design on the front and the “Jesus Information” on the back. Had it not been for those support shirts, it would possibly have been just another subway ride. One planteth, one watereth, and God gives the increase! As we approach the year 2020, let’s be a “Billboard For Jesus”, and use every method and opportunity available to us to advance the Kingdom of God!

God Bless You

Bro Jeremiah Hayes

Cold-Weather Motorcycling Presents Unique Challenges

Part of this article is from On All Cylinders. And part from one of my old articles.
To start, let’s assume you’ll be wearing  a full face helmet. Since you can lose a lot of heat through your head, a full face helmet is a key piece of winter riding apparel. You should regularly inspect your helmet anyway, but during the winter specifically check to make sure the headliner is intact and vents are free to open and close. For added peace of mind, companies make anti-fog spray that can reduce the chance of your faceshield fogging over.
Don’t just grab a big parka out of your closet; get a cold weather motorcycle jacket or heated jacket liner. Remember, baggy clothes won’t hold heat and the constant tug of the wind contributes to rider fatigue. A cold weather riding jacket should be snug and include extra thermal protection that can be zipped in and out when necessary. It’s also important that the jacket does not restrict your movement, so you’re able to maintain control of your motorcycle.
Based on riding position, your legs are often the most exposed parts of your body—ensure that they’re well protected with riding pants be that they are insulated leather or gore-tex riding pants. Make sure they fit well, but still allow you to put your leg down at stoplights and manipulate your foot controls. Companies make full or partial chaps also  that guard your legs against the cold and can be easily removed, making them a good choice for the commuter.
As with the jacket and pants, winter gloves should fit perfectly. That allows them to retain heat, while still giving you free movement to work your clutch, brake, and various buttons and switches. Gauntlet-style gloves have skirts that overlap the sleeves of your jacket—further sealing out any cold air.
Winter riding boots play an important role, as your feet are often unprotected by a fairing. That leaves them exposed to road wind. Winter boots should overlap your pants, cutting down on exposed areas of skin. Make sure your boots have decent tread and can handle slippery environments. Water can puddle and freeze in the ruts created from semis resting at stoplights, making intersections treacherous.
Don’t forget about your neck. You can address this by wearing a turtleneck undershirt, or purchase a dedicated neck wrap. Avoid scarves—the last thing you want is a loose scarf end dangling around your rear sprocket! Socks are important too.
Water-soaked clothing holds little thermal protection, which is why winter riding gear should be water-resistant. Wool is a smart choice, because it can wick moisture away from the skin. Be aware of any built up sweat, too. Your gear needs to breathe and allow any sweat to dissipate through your clothing.
Dress in layers. Long underwear adds another level of warmth, while sweatshirts and jeans provide a good middle layer of protection. Always err on the side of dressing too warmly; you can always peel off a layer to cool down. All the years that I was a winter warrior I used heated gear from the jacket liner to the pants to the socks to the gloves. Best winter riding investment one can make if you are a true winter warrior. It’s just like riding on a toaster is what I tell everyone who see’s me out riding during the winter months.
Now that you’re dressed to grapple with a yeti, let’s look at your motorcycle. Without going into a full-blown inspection list here, remember to do regular checks of your chain/belt/shaft, tires, brakes, and suspension, to make sure your ride is roadworthy. Winter roads are obviously more daunting than summer roads. You’ll experience ice, road salt, and potholes—make sure your bike is physically ready for winter’s assault. And that you are physically ready to ride in the winter elements.
You can also modify your bike to make your ride more comfortable—specifically in the form of heated grips. Heated grips use your battery’s power to warm elements in (or under) the grips. You can also add heated seats. Make sure that your bike’s electrical system can handle the extra current draw and you have room to install the switches, wires, and relays necessary to make them work.
Depending on the style of motorcycle, the addition of a faring (or larger windshield if already equipped) is an obvious way to protect your body against constant icy wind blasts. As with any install, make sure that all of your levers, mirrors, and switches operate freely before venturing out on the roads. If you’re looking at a dedicated winter fairing, select one that offers maximum body coverage.
When you’re ready to take to the winter road, remember that there are several unique hazards posed to a motorcyclist in winter. Be wary of any new potholes that appear; snowplows love turning highways into obstacle courses. Always be on the lookout for excess road salt and sand—it tends to build up near intersections. Your fellow motorists are more of a danger than ever, as it’s uncommon to see a motorcycle in the roads in the dead of winter.
Depending on your location, ice represents the ultimate hazard to the winter rider. You do not want to hit a patch of that stuff. It might be a good idea to drive your route in a car first, scanning for any potential icy zones.
Be safe: ride alert, ride prepared, and ride confidently. Winter riding can be the most rewarding motorcycling you’ll ever experience. I personally really enjoyed riding during the winter months. Another key tip here is don’t ride at night time in the snow belt area’s during the winter. All the years when I was a winter warrior I did not ride at night time during the winter. Only rode during the daylight hours. Now for all you riders down south or out west just continue to ride in the winter in awesome riding weather.                                                                    Keep the contact patch between the lines.                                                              Michael Theodore                                                                                                                      National Road Captain

Gift Of Healings

1 Corinthians 12:28-31, “And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues. Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles? Have all the gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret? But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.”

I feel led to focus us on the portion of “gifts of healings” this month.

Several years ago, I ask one of my Bible College brothers the question of “Why didn’t our Bible College faculty discuss with us more about our gifting?” This question stemmed from my own heart searching that led to asking what is my gifting. I was almost 50yrs old and was re-considering what my gifting was.

I’ve heard verse 31 quoted many times, implying that we are to “covet earnestly the best gifts…” but we seem to stop there and do not quote “yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.” As I pondered this gifting situation, I was challenged with Paul writing to the church in Corinth about the coveting of certain gifts. In his letter to the Corinthians he transitions from speaking about a gifting being from the selfsame Spirit (1 Cor 12:7-13) and all working for the church body as a whole. We have a chapter break from chapter 12 and moving into chapter 13, but in his letter there were no breaks. So, his statement in chapter 12, and verse 31, simply leads into chapter 13 which is the “love chapter”. Without Charity all is for naught! No matter what our gifting, if it doesn’t stand firm on the foundation of love, then all ministry through our gifting is lost.

Gifts of Healings. The word translated as “healings” also can mean, cure or make whole. A gifting to bring wholeness to the body of Christ. James 5:14-15 tells us that if there are any sick among you, call for the elders of the church and they will pray the pray of faith and save the sick. If the gift of healings is listed behind “miracles”, as stated in our subject text, it quite possibly is more than just laying hands on the sick and seeing them healed of physical sickness.

Jesus healed ten lepers and one came back and worshipped him and in doing so, that one was not only healed of leprosy but he was made whole. He was made complete. That one was restored. There was an outward and inward healing that was complete! The other nine still held onto scars that told the horrifying story that they were lepers. But, this one fell at the feet of Jesus and worshipped him and was made as though he never were a leper.

With that said, I’m compelled to reach for my fellow ASR members, and especially to those called as Chaplains and Pastors…those that have stepped into the realm of ministry to people. Not everyone has the gift of healings. Not everyone has a gift to cure and make whole. But, may I challenge us today to accept the gifting from the same Spirit that called us into various administrations of ministry, that we accept and strive to heal. To heal the broken hearted, and to set at liberty the captive. To go beyond the superficial or cosmetic changes of mankind…but for those who come back and worship…those that fall at the feet of Jesus, then we, through the power of the Holy Ghost, can make whole.

This gift of healings goes far beyond the laying on of hands, but it is “hands on”. Its seeking to restore a fallen brother or sister. Its a heart (gifting) that says, I’m not just settling for the miracle of salvation alone, but to press in the spirit realm until we have brought emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to all.

Oh how the church needs more of those who will go beyond the doors of religious pious where we make the outside clean, but, where we go into the hidden rooms of the heart and make a soul complete. To have a burden to heal to the uttermost. To cure, healing all aspects of a believer’s life, to seek to make them complete in Christ Jesus our Lord. To make them Whole.

It is a gifting that few will strive for….the Gift of Healings is for those that love.

Mark A Hardin
ASR International Chaplain