Indianapolis Crusade on the Circle!

September 3, 4, and 6th…downtown Indianapolis Indiana…the Azusa Streetriders have been requested to attend and participate in this milestone event! The local chapter (Southern Indiana) out of Whiteland Indiana, and led by Bro Larry Mahurin, is to lead us in this initiative. This event has been pulled together over the last few weeks and was birthed from a very negative situation where an Apostolic led group was having open air prayer downtown Indy when a group of Antifa rioters ran from police into the crowd of prayer warriors. The police pursued and began to pepper spray everyone, including the peaceful praying Apostolics. This opened the door for this event to take root, due to the way it was handled, and now it will bring all Apostolic organizations and churches together for one unified purpose….to see at least 1,000 souls baptized in Jesus Name!!

A meeting is planned for Monday August 10th at 6pm (est) to hammer out final details of times and speakers, but we wanted to have everyone be in prayer about attending, or at least be in fervent prayer leading up to the event and during its proceedings. We are believing for a Book of Acts outpouring of the Holy Ghost! We do not command these types of outpourings, we humble ourselves before a Holy God and seek Him to move among us. In our broken and humbled approach to His Throne, we are trusting that He will show up and show out!!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Friends ASR page as we post updates of accommodations and times for this Crusade. Azusa Streetriders is a Ministry…a ministry of seeking and seeing souls changed with the Acts chapter two message of salvation!! We are believing this will reap a great harvest of souls and the Kingdom of Heaven will rejoice with us!

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

State Coordinators

Here is a list of our State Coordinators

Mark Markham

Mike Womack

Michael Moore

Greg Prey

Mark Hardin

Tony Sell

Oeland Hanes

John Zerbe

David Scott

Bill Johnson

New England
Rick Perry

Michael Theodore

North  Urissa Reynolds Goodin
East    Johnny Carr
West   Clarence Earp

West Virginia
Doug Joseph

National Public Relations Coordinator
Michael Theodore

1st Annual Biker Sunday Warren, Ohio

It’s just 3 weeks away our 1st Biker Sunday. Host hotel is the Hampton INN 5581 Youngstown Warren Rd Niles,Ohio 44446 330-652-1277 JUst tell them your there for the ASR Biker Sunday for a discount room rate. Guest speaker is Rev Randy Hennigan


New Azusa StreetRiders Officers & Area Coordinators

The Azusa StreetRiders board unanimously agreed and appointed the following at this year’s National Rally

Bro Michael Theodore – National Public Relations Coordinator
Bro Mike Markham – National Road Captain
Bro Bill Johnson – NE Area Coordinator
Bro David Scott – MO Area Coordinator
Bro Johnny Carr – East Texas Area Coordinator

The board also wishes to relay that these individuals carry the blessing of the board with them and would ask that all members adhere to authority extended to them in the execution of their offices.

Robert Thompson
President Azusa StreetRiders International
The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ



List of Chaplains

As the chaplaincy grows, I felt it necessary to publish those that are delving into the world of doing the work of the chaplain. Its not an easy role! It does not take the place of a Pastor, yet it is an Apostleship, of sorts, where it reaches beyond the walls of the Church. Being a Chaplain holds a tremendous responsibility. One must remain submitted to the local church leadership, while by the same token being a presence in the community…especially in the biker arena.

The following are those who have accepted this challenge:

International Chaplain – Mark Hardin (618-292-7415)
Ladies Chaplain – Diane Beall (843-449-3651)

Northeast Region Chaplain – Pastor Rick Perry (203-589-0893)
Southern Region Chaplain – Justo Saavedra (954-235-2442)
Midwest Region Chaplain – Laureen Theodore (330-720-4382)
Central Region Chaplain – Clarence Earp (682-229-6240)
West Coast Region Chaplain – Pastor Michael Moore (209-483-3381)

State:                                                                                                                                                  Missouri – Donald Hamby (573-258-9803)
Kentucky – Vicky Storey (502-257-3933)
Alabama – Krysta Markham (205-331-3446)                                                      Charlotte Dawes – East Texas (409-423-9823)

Henry Cherry – Texas (504-232-8103)
Joe Endicott – Ohio (330-277-3839)
Lisa Endicott – Ohio (330-277-3189)
Greg Pray – Georgia (770-468-9267)
Sheryl Pray – Georgia (770-313-4735)

As you can see, we have a lot of room to grow, so if this is an area that you feel led to delve into, please contact Chaplain Hardin (618-292-7415 or

It is our goal to have a chaplain for every chapter as well as one for every state that ASR is represented in, and the same for our international locations by our next rally. We do have at least a half dozen that are currently working on the basic requirements to become an ASR Chaplain.  Those beginning requirements are to purchase and read a book called “The Work of a Chaplain” and complete a questionnaire that corresponds with the book, and fill out an application for chaplaincy (signed by the pastor). Once again, contact Chaplain Hardin for details and forms.

We welcome you to grow with us!

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

2020 ASR Chaplain Training Overview

Praise God for His loving kindness!!

What an amazing turn out we had at the Chaplain Training Session on Wednesday morning, prior to the National Rally. I personally want to thank all that were in attendance, whether you are an ASR Chaplain or not. It was a springboard that provided encouragement for all to go deeper into the Kingdom.

Chaplain Hardin provided an overview of ASR Chaplaincy requirements and vision for the future. Chaplain Laureen Theodore share her heart with some words of encouragement to care for those that are hurting. Chaplain/Pastor Perry gave insights on being a presence and how affective it can be when one has patience by allowing the Spirit to do It’s work. Chaplain/Pastor Hennigan challenged us to do all that we do with all our might and never take a lazy approach in the Kingdom. Jesus was in the house, and the material was superb!!

For those who could not attend and would desire to be a part of the ASR Chaplaincy, please contact Chaplain Mark Hardin (618-292-7415 or for more info.

Our goal in the upcoming months is to have a chaplain for every chapter, an overseer for every state that we are represented in, and strong leadership regionally, nationally, and internationally. The network of Chaplains will help bring stability and positive visibility within Azusa StreetRiders in the future by working hand in hand with the chapters, Regional Coordinators, and National Board. I truly believe the success of this ministry depends on it.

Mark A Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

2020 ASR National Rally…In the History Books!

After all the planning, sacrifices by many to travel, the efforts of so many to pull it together, the preparations were made by worship teams, singers, preachers, and so many more to make it all a success…2020 National Rally is behind us!

So many friendships renewed and new ones made. We wept in the alter together. We danced before the Lord together, while singing the praises unto our King of kings and Lord of lords!! The Pentecostals of Nashville worship team did a fantastic job of ushering us into the Throne Room of God. The preaching by Missionary Scotty Grihm (East Africa and beyond) and Pastor Shine Doughty (Mattoon IL) was over the top! Challenging us to greater heights. “The Cost of Pentecost” will stick with me for a long while!! The Leadership of Azusa StreetRiders did an exemplary job of guiding us through another Rally.

The week started out with a Tuesday “pre-ride” to Madison Indiana for some fish and shrimp on the Ohio River. Wednesday had a Chaplain’s training session that was well attended, several speakers from our own ASR Chaplaincy initiative. Followed by a shorter scenic ride, and an outreach singing with Potters Clay, The Pentecostals Worship Team, and Upper Room Experience that was well attended under a tent!!

Thursday had a soaking rain blow in, but we rallied the troops and had enough vehicles to transport all to our reserved eating location for lunch. A fantastic pasta meal was prepared that evening at the church, and missions focus service that saw this ministry raise over $21,000 for Motorcycles for Missionaries!!!

Friday was a fantastic day for a ride through the scenic hills of southern Indiana, with a stop at the Bloomington Harley Shop and lunch served at a local park. Supper again at the church that evening and the evangelistic service was a blowout!! Each night, after the services, we had an “Afterburner” of pie, ice cream, and a ton of fellowship!

If there was one take away from this rally, it would be just as so many before…we did not want to leave the fellowship of our ASR Family. The feedback that I have received from those that attended for the first time was that they were blown away by how accepting the members are, and how that within a few days you feel as though you have known everyone for 20 years. It is important that we do not loose the newness…the freshness…the spirit of brotherly love. Let us all determine that we will continue to connect with one another in the upcoming year, and Lord willing, we will all meet together in October 2021 in Bossier City, LA for another chapter of building the bond of fellowship within Azusa StreetRiders!

Mark A. Hardin
International Chaplain/Illinois Regional Coordinator

Up Coming Events

July 29 – Aug 1   ASR National Rally Nashville, Indiana
Aug 30  1st Annual Biker Sunday Warren, Ohio
Sept 20  Clennenin Biker Sunday Clennenin,WV
Sept 22-25 UPCI General Conference HAS BEEN CANCELLED
Remember when planning your next biker event. Please give your information to the board. This way we can get your event listed on our National website and on both of our facebook pages and here in rumblings.
Thank you,
Michael Theodore
National Road Captain