Jacksonville, Illinois Biker Weekend


Article by
Austin Seaton

Hello and greetings from the west central Illinois Azusa Street Riders! Based in Jacksonville, Illinois. Our chapter started 6 years ago with the help and guidance of brothers Mark Hardin and Scott Culver. From there we began our endeavor and this year hosted our 5th annual biker weekend. With our largest turnout to date we began the first of our 3 day event with prayer. We drove from church to church in our region and prayed for revival and an outpouring of the holy ghost across our state and nation. Saturday we began with a breakfast meet and greet welcoming old friends and introducing new ones. After the ride concluded we met at Austin Seaton and wife Melissa Seatons home for food games and fellowship. Sunday was nothing short of anointed Brothers David Barajas and family of Moline IL brought a message of Praise and releasing a spirit of the lion of Judah. The alters filled as a overwhelming spirit of the Holy Ghost began to pour out lives held in bondage changed and multiple being refilled with the Holy spirit after years away from God’s love. I am beyond blessed by the ministry of the Azusa Street Riders and cannot wait to see what the upcoming year’s have in store. I leave with a scripture that has been deeply impacting as of late Psalm 27/14 Wait on the Lord be of good courage and he will strengthen thine heart. Thank you so much to all of my local chapter for making this our best year yet and cannot wait for what is yet to come!


Up Coming Events

End Of Season Events Coming Up For 2023
Sept 9-10
3rd Annual Biker Weekend
Sparta, Tn
Sept 15-17
Michigan Biker Weekend
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Sept 19-22
UPCI General Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sept 29-Oct 1
6th Annual Biker Weekend
Sept 29-Oct 1
Toledo Biker Weekend
Toledo, Ohio
Oct 21                                                                                                                                                Souls Harbor Ride for Recovery                                                                                Calhoun,LA
Have you selected your event dates for next year?? Now is a good time to start thinking about your event dates.

It’s Time For The 2023 National Rally – Maryville, TN

Here are a couple of updates

2023 Azusa StreetRiders National Rally Update: First and foremost, everyone be safe on the ride to National’s!

1. Anyone planning to sign up at the door for the meal plan that has not yet done so please just let us know now we need an accurate headcount by Saturday. We want to make accommodations for everyone.
2. All those planning to attend Wednesday nights midweek service here at FAC please park around the circle in front of the church hopefully we’ll have enough faith to get a nice picture.
3. Any rider that has a PackTalk COM system and would like to link in please bring your helmet and your PackTalk unit to Wednesday nights meet and greet so we can get everything linked up and not have to deal with it on Thursday morning.
4. A reminder that Global Grounds World Missions coffee shop will be open 8 o’clock both Thursday and Friday for the convenience of our Azusa StreetRiders Ministry. The coffee shop in usually not opened in the mornings during the week.
All workers in the coffee shop are volunteers and 100% a profit go towards missionaries around the world. Not everybody is aware that FAC Maryville support not only ALJC missionaries but also UPCI and other apostolic missionaries throughout the world. Keep that in mind and please help support this ministry.

5. Please go ahead print and fill out the Ride Waver from the Azusa StreetRider web page and bring it with you this will help cut out time at the registration desk or the meet & greet.

A another couple of last-minute changes here first off brother Mark Condon is it going to be unable to attend this year’s national rally unfortunately, something came up and he had to change his schedule here at the last minute we’re certainly going to miss his worship. However, FAC has agreed to provide their praise singers for both Thursday and Friday night.
In addition, after looking at the cost for the main church to bring in the cleaning crew Thursday and Friday, and also to hire the tech crew to come in in order to stream do the media and everything that is involved the cost was more than we wanted to pay. Therefore we’re moving the service to the youth sanctuary which I was at this morning and it is extremely nice and very high tech. So we will streamline the service and they have a complete media team at our disposal along with a led backdrop there on the platform so everything should be extremely nice.
Let’s Have a Great Rally, looking forward to seeing all of you here.

Meal Plan and Registration are now on the Azusa StreetRiders website under Events.
Please sign up today so we can start getting a count for this years National Rally in the Motorcycle Riding  Capital East of the Mississippi, Maryville, TN.

In addition Bro Tom Harding UPCI Global Missions Coordinator will be opening this years Mission Service with the Key Note Introduction followed by none other than Bro Peter Gray the Latin America/Caribbean Field Supervisor for the ALJC World Missions Department.
Bro Bruce Howell has been requested  by Bro David K Bernard to be in the Philippines for a special service therefor Bro Howell has requested requested to be rescheduled to speak at one of our National Rally’s at a future date.

Azusa StreetRiders have a great lineup for the 2023 National Rally:
Bro Kenneth Carpenter, Bro Bruce Howell & Bro Mark Condon – Invite a friend !

Wednesday, August 2nd:

Midweek service followed by food and fellowship in the FAC Pavilion Center at the rear of the church.

It was asked which host hotel we will be gathering at Thursday and Friday morning on our way out of town. We are actually going to meet at the church both of those mornings and of course on Saturday for our business meeting. The church is probably only 10 minutes from both host hotels, and from Alcoa, Maryville in the surrounding areas.
We have a state of the art coffee shop located on the south side of the building of which the church will open for an hour or so for our benefit both those mornings. As our tradition has always been, we will serve coffee and donuts before and during our business meeting.
Thursday, August 3rd:
“Tail of the Dragon” & “Cherohala Skyway”

Lunch will be served

  • Thursday’s Ride

Motorcycles for Missionaries Service:
Speaker Bro Peter Grey

Thursday Night Missions Service:
Bro Peter Gray
Latin America/Caribbean Field Supervisor for the
ALJC World Missions Department
Dinner served at the FAC Pavilion Center

Friday, August 5th:
Destination TBA at this time
Lunch will be served

Azusa StreetRiders Motorcycle Ministry Friday Night Evangelistic Speaker:

Pastor Kenny Carpenter

Friday Night  Evangelistic Service:
Pastor Kenny Carpenter –
ALJC General Superintendent & FAC Pastor  Maryville, TN

Dinner served at the FAC Pavilion Center

Saturday, August 6th:

Azusa StreetRiders annual members meeting
Lunch immediately following

Afternoon ride

We have two hotels that we’ll be using in the Alcoa/Maryville area for the nationals:

Fairfield Inn & Suites Knoxville Alcoa
1865 Pauling Street, Alcoa, TN 37701
Ph: (865) 409 5950
King / Double Queen – $119.00
Breakfast Included
Call the hotel and mention the Azusa StreetRiders event. FYI This hotel is brand new !

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Alcoa (Knoxville Airport)
130 Associates Blvd, Alcoa, TN 37701
Phone: (865) 981-9008
King / Double Queen – $119.00
Breakfast Included
Call the hotel and mention the Azusa StreetRiders event.

Meal Plan and Registration are now on the Azusa StreetRiders website under Events. 


Events Coming Up For 2023

August 3-5
National Rally

August 12
Community Prayer Run
Dayton, Texas

August 17-19
Regional Nets
New England Territory Summons
Tiverton, RI

August 17-20
5th Annual Biker Sunday
Jacksonville IL

August 19
“Cruzin ‘ for Christ ”
St John, New Brunswick Canada

August 25-27
Wooster Chapter Biker Weekend
Wooster, Ohio

Sept 9-10
3rd Annual Biker Weekend

Sept 15-17
Michigan Biker Weekend
Cedar Springs,Michigan

Sept 19-22
UPCI General Conference
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sept 29 – Oct 1
6th Annual Biker Weekend

Sept 29-Oct1
Toledo Biker Weekend
Toledo, Ohio

All events will be listed in the monthly rumblings newsletter. And also the national website.
When you have selected your date’s for your event. Please create them on our members page and also on the friends page in the event section please.


2023 Absentee Ballots

Absentee ballots are now available. Please contact Travaris Mallory via email or phone to receive your absentee ballot. Ballots must be received by July 21, 2023 in order to be counted.

Email: travaris.mallory@azusastreetriders.com

Phone: 205-229-2096

Meet Your Nominees

Cynthie Zerbe (Nominee for Treasurer)

Well a little bit about me. Born and raised in Big Rapids, Michigan. Meet My Husband in school have 2 Sons, 6 Grandchild, 4 Great Grandchildren and 1 more on the way. In 1987 My oldest Son invited me to church and The Lord moved on my heart and I was introduced to the Acts 2:38 message. I got baptized in the Muskegon River and 5 months later I received His Promise The Holy Ghost at a Ladies Praying Meeting. My Frist Ministry with the Lord direction, Brother Zerbe and I starting picking up people with our van and it flourished so we purchased a bus and transported families to and from church. In 1998 the company that I was employed by  Wolver World Wide was building a new warehouse in Howard City, Michigan . We Prayed and I took a transfer from Big Rapids to Howard City which got Brother Zerbe closer to his job. We transferred church’s from Lighthouse Apostolic Church, Big Rapids, to Solid Rock Worship Center in Cedar Springs, Michigan. There we were under the leadership of Pastor Dana Bryan. I was a Sunday School teacher and part of the Ladies Ministry. Pastor Bryan retired his Ministry and now we have Pastor Bobby Gray. In 2019 we heard about Azusa Street Riders and checked with our Pastor and joined. Sense I was going to be apart of this Ministry I went forward and getting my own endorsement and bike 4 years ago. I’m also a Greeter at my church when we are not traveling for ASR. We are now both retired from our jobs and can focused on our Ministry.


Thomas Whitmore (Nominee for President)

Hello in the name of Jesus! My name has been nominated for international president of Azusa StreetRiders. I am honored and humbled to be nominated for this position, and after much prayer and counsel with my pastor, would be willing to serve if it is the Lord’s will. The Lord called me into the ministry in 2005 and I fought with the Lord that I couldn’t do it because of my past and family status. God made it very clear that our circumstances do not dictate who He will use, He just wants a willing and submitted heart to Him. I first joined ASR in 2011 as the only member in Toledo Ohio. Near the end of 2013 I stepped down from the Toledo Chapter to follow God’s direction for me at the time. In 2020 I felt the call to return to ASR (dues paying member) as Chaplain of the Toledo chapter. My vision is to get back to the mission of uniting Oneness Apostolic motorcycle riders around the mission of reaching other bikers with this Apostolic message. This includes training on personal disciple-making, outreach events, and other activities that give us access to people that need to experience the power of the Holy Ghost. Second we need to unite through the Spirit of God, prayer, fasting, and outreach. With ONE mind and ONE accord! We have the same message preached on the day of Pentecost, the same Power to turn our world upside down! I would ask that you fervently pray about these nominations, that the Lord’s will, direction and outcome take precedence over all fleshly desires! God bless Azusa StreetRiders globally in Jesus name!


Michael Theodore  ( Nominee for President)

My name is Michael Theodore aka Theo. I was asked to do a bio. I thought about this then thought no need to add all that I have done for ASR. The Lord blessed me with ASR which has been a big part of healing in the early years. The Lord told me that I was going to use the tragedy of losing my son 13 years ago as a way to minister. I have the vision and the passion for this ministry and have been sold out for ASR since the beginning. I have been the guard dog since I first became a member. I love my awsome  ASR family with all my heart. I ask you all to please take the time to actively pray about this major decision. This vote effects the entire body.

Michael Theodore                                                                                                                                      Guard Dog



Katrina Sutton (Nominee for Treasurer)

I was asked to give a write up on myself. Well, I have been in ASR since 2012 along with my husband Bro. Mike. I go to church at Christian Apostolic Church under Pastor Douglas Joseph. I have been blessed to have been able to go to every rally since joining ASR. I feel God has blessed us with not only being part of this Godly ministry but this great family. I have always done my best to uphold the standards and mission of this great ministry. I am not a public speaker but I do stand up for what I believe in. On a personal note.. I am a mom of 3 boys and mamaw to one special grandson. In September we are expecting our granddaughter, whom is an answered prayer from my late mom. I know that whichever lady gets the position will do their very best and give 110%. Thanks and love to all. Sis. Katrina Sutton.




Praise the Lord ASR family & friends!!
Summer is here finally for us northerners, easterners, and westerners!! You southerners have good weather for the most part all year 🤪As our biker weekends and single day rides or outreach rides are starting , I am doing my best to hit what I can! I will say I’ve put some miles on already and have enjoyed the fellowship!  Unfortunately I can’t make them all and the ones south like Florida, Texas, Alabama, and any I’ve missed, with my work it’s just not possible!! But I am going to try to hit more each year or alternate places! We are Praying for each chapter that God blesses your outreaching!!
Be safe out there and watch the other drivers! They don’t watch for us!!
Pray before you get on your scoot! 
God Blessed us with this way to reach the world that others can’t so, Pray before you ride that God leads you to a hungry soul looking for a different or happier way of life!!
Love you all and God Bless

Jon Weber
NE Indiana chapter president

Nebraska Border And Prayer Ride

Article from David Showalter

A few notes from our border and prayer ride of Nebraska with Pastors, Gene Alphin and Wilson Fessenden.

On June 1, 2023 at the Nebraska Conference, District Superintendent Myron Powell preached his vision with a powerful anointing.  His vision is to plant a church in every county in Nebraska.  He then commissioned the board by passing keys to each board member, who then passed keys to the ministry.  The ministry in turn passed them on to saints.  The power of God swept through the service.  Each key represented the commission and were to be carried to each county seat in Nebraska and planted with prayer and expectation that God will open doors no man can open and close doors no man can close.  The plan is to be completed by the end of June.

Thus our border ride began June, 12 with Paster Gene Alphin, Pastor Wilson Fessenden, and myself, Elder David Showalter.  The purpose of this ride was to begin the fulfillment of this vision.  

June 12, 2023.  I left Omaha at 5:45AM to meet Bro Alphin and Bro Fessenden at Saltillo Road on HWY 77S where we began our first day’s journey with prayer.  The sun rose giving us very nice weather and clear skies as we rode south toward our first stop in the Thayer county seat, in the town of Hebron.  We had a straight west ride through the next seven counties on the southern border of Nebraska. These were, Thayer, Nuckolls, Webster, Franklin, Harlan, Furnas, and Red Willow Counties.  We stopped for the night in McCook. 

June 13, 2023.  We left McCook in Red Willow County and headed west to Trenton in Hitchcock County.  We planted a key there. As we continued west, we had to stop and put on rain gear due to the moderate rain. We continued on to Benkelman, the county seat in Dundy county in the furtherest southern corner of Nebraska.  We left Benkleman and turned north riding through Chase and Perkins  Counties up to Ogallala, in Keith County.  There we turned west on the last leg of our westward ride through Deuel  and Cheyenne Counties to reach Kimball County, the furthest west southern corner of our state.  Turning north from Kimball county we rode into the county seat, Harrisburg, in Banner County, which was the smallest population, 66, of all the county seats we rode through.  The elevation at 4,491 made up for the small population.  We rode up to the top of Scottsbluff National Monument and stopped to plant a key overlooking Gering, the county seat.  As we headed north to the small but beautiful town of Harrison in Sioux county I saw a sign that said “no service the next 56 miles,” meaning no gas stations and no towns.  Harrison is the highest town in Nebraska with an elevation of 4,876.  It is also the closest we came to the Wyoming border, just 10 miles to the west.  We turned from the northwest corner of Nebraska and started the eastward part of our journey stopping in Dawes county seat, the town of Chadron where we spent the night, covering eleven counties on our second day.

June 14, 2023.  Our third morning dawned with clear skies, and we headed east through Sheridan county where we stopped and planted a key in Rushville, where years back both William Brott and Jerry Tiller would visit the postal carrier who was baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost.  The next county, Cherry county was the longest stretch of our ride from one county seat to the next, over 106 miles.  Cherry county is larger than the state of Connecticut, or the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined and is the largest landmass county in Nebraska.  We stopped on a little sight seeing venture at Smith Falls just outside of Valentine.  A few miles later we stopped at an overlook where we had a beautiful view overlooking miles and miles of the Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge.  From there we rode on to Keya Paha County then to three interior counties, Brown, Rock, and Holt county where we spent our third night in O’Neill, Nebraska.

June 15, 2023.  On our fourth morning our “Iceman” Bro Fessenden drove his pickup South, taking his ice cooler full of cold drinks and snacks, home to Hastings where he took care of business.  But, get this, he then got on his bike and headed north on unfinished business to meet Bro Alphin and myself later in the day in Albion.  Bro Alphin and I rode back northwest from Holt county to Butte, Nebraska in Boyd County.  We rode through some beautiful country in the Niobrara River valley, where Bro Alphin spotted two bald eagles perched in the top of a dead oak tree.  We also rode through the thriving metropolis of Monowi, population ONE.  Knox county was our last border county on our ride.  The day warmed up under a hot sun as we turned South to Pierce county and onward to Antelope county.  From there it was straight south to Albion in Boone County where we once again met Bro Fessenden.  We continued south covering Boone, Nance, Merrick, and Hamilton, the final four counties when we arrived att the town of  Aurora.

Our four day ride covered 33 counties, I logged 1,506 miles on my trike, with a variety of weather conditions, clear skies, then leather jackets to rain gear, and last but not least, hot and humid.  Road conditions were varied as well with state highways, a few stops for repairs, some rough county roads, one with an eight mile stretch of gravel, (my hat goes off to google maps for that one), some brick streets, and a few miles on I-80.  The fellowship was priceless.  The prayers are victorious.  The keys planted will open doors.  And, (my English teacher would be so proud of me starting a sentence with and) our Bishop, Bro Powell is shouting, “gloraaaaaaay.”

On Monday June 19, 2023 I once again saddled up and left Omaha at 5:45AM to meet Bro Alphin in Lincoln and and then ride on to meet Bro Fessenden in Grand Island.  On this leg of our journey we were joined by our District Secretary, Steven Showalter, and wife Angela, Julie Fessenden, and my wonderful wife, Jeanie.  They provided a chase car in case we had any problems on the motorcycles.  Our plan was to plant keys in four counties but ended up adding an additional county at the end.

We started north from Grand Island, toward Sherman County Seat, Loup City.  We continued north to the town of Old in Valley County.  This was an interesting stop because my wife struck up a conversation with one of the men working outside the courthouse.  After she told him what we were doing, he invited us in for a tour of the courthouse.  I marveled at the beautiful marble floors and walls in the entrance.  We visited the different offices but stopped at the office where they kept the records of all the land owners dating back into the 1800’s.  The lady there actually took one of the old books out that had a couple of records back in the mid 1800’s.  It was fascinating.  We even visited the courtroom where his honor the judge, Eugene Alphin held court.  There are pictures proving this.  

We once again mounted up an headed north east toward Wheeler County.  We stopped on our way in the small town of Ericson at the Wagon Wheel Saloon and Steakhouse where we had some delicious hamburgers followed by some scrumptious strawberry rhubarb pie a’ la mode.  Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of the pie due to the speed it was consumed, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I can recommend stopping there if you are ever in the neighborhood.  Our journey continued onward to Wheeler County seat, the town of Bartlett.  This was an interesting stop because they had a bronze museum of sorts where many bronze pieces were displayed outside the Courthouse.  One was a sower who looked very similar to the one on the capitol building in Lincoln.  We placed a key in his hand and took a few group pictures.  Many of the bronze pieces displayed life in the west, that is, native Americans, cowboys, pioneers, and a few of more modern times.  One that caught my eye was of a little girl running into the arms of a soldier who obviously was her father because the plaque below said, “answered prayers.”

From Wheeler County we headed south to Greeley County, the second to last county.  It was a hot day by this time and we were feeling the wear of our ride as we mounted up and headed to our last stop, Howard County, Saint Paul.  It is rather interesting that Paul who was the noted missionary who travelled throughout his known world preaching the gospel to everyone who would hear, and we end our long journey in Saint Paul where Bro Alphin planted our last key and knelt in prayer that God would bless Nebraska with the long promised move of the Holy Ghost.  From there I turned toward home, another two and a half hours, 135 miles and home sweet home and AIR CONDITIONING!!

On the ride over the past week, we planted keys and prayed in thirty-eight counties, and logged 1,962 miles on my trike.  We are believing the Word of God.

I Corinthians 3:6-9  I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.

06/12-06/15 2023   Counties in order:     * – Spent the night.

Thayer – Gene Alphin 6/12/23

Nuckolls – David Showalter 6/12/23

Webster – Wilson Fessenden 06/12/23

Franklin – Wilson Fessenden 6/12/23

Harlan – David Showalter 6/12/23

Furnas – Gene Alphin 6/12/23

*Red Willow – Gene Alphin 6/12/23

Hitchcock – David Showalter 6/13/23

Dundy – Wilson Fessenden 6/13/23

Chase – Gene Alphin 6/13/23

Perkins – David Showalter 6/13/23

Kieth – Prayed Over County

Deuel – David Showalter 6/13/23

Cheyenne (Second key) – Gene Alphin 6/13/23

Kimball – David Showalter 6/13/23

Banner – Gene Alphin 6/13/23

Scottsbluff Monument – David Showalter 6/13/23

Sioux – Gene Alphin 6/13/23

*Dawes – David Showalter 6/14/23

Sheridan – Wilson Fessenden 6/14/22

Cherry – David Showalter 6/14/23

Keya Paha – David Showalter 6/14/23

Brown – David Showalter 6/14/23

Rock – David Showalter 6/14/23

*Holt – Gene Alphin 6/15/23

Boyd – David Showalter 6/15/23

Knox – Gene Alphin 6/15/23

Pierce (Second key) – Gene Alphin 6/15/23

Antelope – David Showalter 6/15/23

Boone – Wilson Fessenden 6/15/23

Nance – Gene Alphin 6/15/23

Merrick – David Showalter 6/15/23

Hamilton – Gene Alphin 6/15/23

06/19/2023. Counties in order:

Sherman  Wilson Fessenden 6/19/23

Valley County – David Showalter 6/19/23

Wheeler – Steve Showalter 6/19/23

Greeley – Julie Fessenden 6/19/23

Howard – Gene Alphin 6/19/23

The first county we planted a key in and prayed over,  wasThayer County.

David Showalter Nebraska