Spiritual Warfare (Video at the end of the article)

It seems that before the National Rally and even more so after Azusa SterrtRiders ministry and it’s members have been under a spiritual attack. No wonder were rattling the gates of hell through a renewed effort to take this ministry to a new level of commitment. For example we have, as a ministry dedicated ourselves to more focus prayer especially in regards to our prodigals. Which by the way is already paying dividends we have had five souls come back whose names were in the vase from the Friday night service  and one person who wasn’t in that vase however was on the hearts of some ASR members. 

Praying for the “Prodigal Vase” given to ASR by Pastor Kenny Carpenter, Friday August 2nd 2019

We are now working on revamping our Chaplin program to fine tune what has already been put into place with the placement of Bro Harding and Sis Beall. In addition we have committed to spreading the One God doctrine internationally with our Motorcycles for Missionaries progem both in Cuba and in Sierra Leone. Hopefully when the dust settles we might even have enough money to fund another one or two bikes this year which is a huge blessing for our Apostolic Missionaries. I am also seeing with our different chapter events a heartfelt desire for even more greater outreach. I feel our mindset is  evolving into what this ministry is really about,  reaching for  souls. 

Of course these endeavors do not come without a cost in the spiritual world. We need to be on our toes and ready for any and all attacks that our common enemy might bring against this ministry .  Our enemy wants to cause division and dissension in our lives through whatever means is at his disposal and he has had a lot of practice.  I am writing all of this in order to introduce a lesson that Bro Carpenter gave a few weeks back  on  a wednesday night service to me it was one of the most informable messages on the subject of Spiritual Warfare that I have heard in a long time.

I want to encourage everyone to take the hour and listen to it. You can fast forward right to the teaching I pray that it helps and strengthens you as it has me.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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