Azusa StreetRiders National Rally – 20th Anniversary

29 Days and a wake up !

We have a change in speakers, Bro Campetella has cancelled on us and so I am pleased to announce that we will be blessed by Bro Mark McCool Pastor of FAC Knoxville preaching for our Wednesday night opening service. If you have never heard him preach you are in for a real treat.

In addition the ASR Maryville Chapter wives have requested anyone wanting to partake in the “Meal Plan” please be signed up by Sunday July 28th We will have ladies at FAC working on homemade desserts and so we need to get a count in order to see how many calories are going to be consumed.
Rumor has it (sorry let me restate that, fact is) that FAC Maryville has the best bakers in Pentecost and so in order to  show off were going to employ all this talent for our National Rally. I would not want to see anyone standing in the hall looking in while were feasting regretting they did not sign up in time.

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Tentative Meal Plan for the 2019 National Rally

Pizza, breadsticks, Tossed salad with choice of dressing and Dessert

Breakfast – On your own

Lunch – Lunch in the park
Sandwiches, potato chips, fruit and dessert.

Dinner – Brisket and all the fixings 😇
and of course dessert

Breakfast – On your own

Lunch – Granny’s Kitchen Buffet
Cherokee NC

Dinner – Taco Bar with Soft and hard tacos chips salsa and dessert

Breakfast donuts and coffee in the Event Center

Lunch – Lasagna, breadsticks, salad and dessert

The Maryville chapter will be hosting an area ride Saturday afternoon for anyone that wants to stay over location TBA

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Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson serves as President of Azusa StreetRiders International, the Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ.

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